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No part of your new home construction project is more important than your foundation. That's why you should hire FELZ Engineering and Construction for foundation design services before you get started.

We serve builders in Littleton and Centennial, CO and the entire Front Range area. Arrange a consultation with our residential foundation contractor today.

What types of foundation design do we offer?

What types of foundation design do we offer?

Our residential foundation contractor understands the soil in Centennial, CO. That's why we're an ideal choice for foundation design services.

We typically work with the following foundation design types:

  • Reinforced concrete spread footings: These are most common with new home construction and home additions. Reinforced concrete spread footings are idea for medium soil and clay soil.
  • Standard and helical steel piles: This type of foundation design is suitable for homes being built on rock or soil prone to shifting. They're also used to reinforce existing foundations that have cracked or weakened.
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